Activist Reggae / Punk / Ska


Territory: Worldwide

Mal Élevé takes his artistcal name seriously: his music is “badly behaved” – it doesn’t follow the rules and goes against the norm. The former lead singer of Irie Révoltés doesn’t hesitate for long, but goes straight to the barricades. His songs are a declaration of war against fascism, capitalism and sexism and at the same time a call for global solidarity. For Mal Élevé, political protest and solidarity are inextricably linked. This sense of community can be felt at his concerts. With his mixture of reggae, dancehall, ska, rap and punk, he gets the audience going crazy until the festival site shakes.

No wonder: Mal Élevé has been at home on stage for 20 years. He was on the road with his band Irie Révoltés until 2017. The musicians galvanised thousands of people far beyond Germany, from small demonstrations to large festival stages. Irie Révoltés spread the message that we can live a utopia – if we fight for it together. Mal Élevé is now continuing on this path as a solo artst. After Mal Élevé released his solo debut album “Résistance mondiale” in 2020, he knows no stopping. He rocks concert after concert with his band and delivers new music at the same time. Most recently, the “Dream” EP was released together with singer Osy, with whom he has shared the stage for several years. A new album is in the making produced by the legendary producer team of Irievibratons. In 2024, Mal Élevé and Osy will realise their dream of a fairer future together.


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