Illustre is a hurricane that sweeps trough the urban canyons and cleans the streets from the dust of the past. With ease she combines music and literature: Rap & Poetry. Her style is pointed, poetically playfull and at the same time rough and determined.
On stage with DJ Lowerz she transmits her incredible dynamism, her energy to the audiance, from floating to a moshpit.

ILLUSTRE has put a little of her history, of her personal path, in a silky, classy and accessible dress. Because she raps for people. The art of bringing together, connecting energies, telling a possible, widening the boundaries and forgetting the limits. Like the two poles of an iceberg, ILLUSTRE seeks to bring together the differences. Create a cohesion, an alchemy, in a society in upheaval. Out of codes and non-binary, calling into question the gender stereotypes, she likes to make complementary what tends to move away. And this is aimed at a whole generation, who must draw on its most buried complexes, to finally become themselves.

With her skills she impresses not only her audience but also the juries – she is the winner of the “Music.Arts.Design 2019” > springboard “Artist MADly Pink 2019”  and the RAPPEUZ Contest 2020 with this freestyle.

This unique identity is found in her first album ILLE, a rap musical ode supported by modern productions between chill trap and turn up hip hop. Through a game of mirrors between feminine and masculine, she talks about our world, our identity, letting go, the place of women, she talks about perseverance, emotion …
In September 2022 will be released her second album.

Illustre is rappin’ @ BELEK/Paris Cinema (min 5:35)

In cooperation with: X-Ray Production and Flower Coast


Ay carumba! If you’re looking for a Latin spark to get a party started, you could do a lot worse than turning to Danish project MAMBE & DANOCHILANGO. They merge cumbia, kuduro, tribal, dancehall, balkan beats & rhythms to their unique futuristic global bass world music – full of energy and spontaneity, a rhythmic mesh of world and electronic music.The Columbian Claudia Rodriguez aka Mambe and Mexican Fernando Mora aka Danochilango are true sonic travellers who unite the rhythms of all cultures to create the world music of the future. Despite the clattering beats and electro flourishes, they frequently lean on acoustic instrumentation, giving everything a tactile, human warmth, while Mambe, singing in Swedish, English, Danish, and Spanish, gives voice to social issues and advocates for grass roots activism.

Mambe & Danochilango have played all over the world, from alternativ clubs to big festivals such as Eurosonic, Roskilde Festival and Fusion Festival. The harmonies of acustic instruments and futuristic electro-sound from Danochilango and Mambe’s stage presence make every club and stage tremble. People dancing in minutes and merge to their own world
In 2019 they released their debut album ‘Kosmopolítēs’ and promptly it received 5 out of 5 stars in the music magazine Songlines and was added in Top Of The World.


„Their musical schtick is a mad mélange of son jarocho, favela punk, reggae, Colombian gaita, Bollywood, tribal, dub … the list goes on. And on. What holds all the fusions, pastiches and quotes together is raw energy and spunky rhythm. ….  it’s a bit like being on a very fast gap-year bus ride. Where were we yesterday? Where were my ears ten seconds ago? This anti-earnest duo might repel purists and conservatives, but this is the sound of our planet when it’s partying rather than weeping over lost immigrants and burned trees. Messy, meshy myriad, manic.“

Songlines Magazine

Possible set ups:

Mambe, Danochilango // Mambe, percussionist // Mambe,Danochilango + 1-2 percussionists

We work in cooperation with Happy Duck.


upcoming shows:

Ravi Kuma is a hard hitting electronic rap duo consisting of rapper Sharon Kumaraswamy and producer Aske Knudsen. A love child conceived in an abandoned container as a result of a ménage à trois between Peaches, M.I.A. and Vince Staples.

live at Roskilde Festival 2019

Their music hits a unique spot on the Scandinavian rap scene. Industrial bass lines, dusty marching beats and gimmicky top lines make up their underground music. Through cheeky and explicit lyrics they bring up tabooed and current topics from a personal, human and societal perspective. The topics are served with a well-portioned self-deprecating humor and irony but has a seriousness to it which can’t or musn’t be missed in the quirky universe Ravi Kuma operates in.

Catchy hook lines and an intense live performance means, that Ravi Kuma leaves a solid impression on their audience which only few can match. 

on stage: Sharon (MC), Aske (Beats), optional: two dancers