80’s sound meets dark techno – beautiful and unsightly. Melodies like splashes of paint on rough concrete. A touch of Darkwave from the 80’s with the danceability and hardness of the current Berlin techno are merged in a live performance with analogue hardware gear. Nomi Elektra, composer, live performer and music producer has created her unique techno sound.

She played in several clubs in and around Berlin, Germany like Mensch Meier, About Blank, Eschschloraque and has performed on bigger festivals like Artlake Festival, Fusion Festival & AT.Tension – just to name some of the bigger ones.
In cooperation with ‘Guts Pie Earshot’ and her former project ‘Aino Nomi’ she produced the soundtrack to the movie “Deckname Jenny“. Published by the Leipzig based Label “Major Label” in March 2018.