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Ravi Kuma is a hard hitting electronic rap duo consisting of rapper Sharon Kumaraswamy and producer Aske Knudsen. A love child conceived in an abandoned container as a result of a ménage à trois between Peaches, M.I.A. and Vince Staples.

live at Roskilde Festival 2019

Their music hits a unique spot on the Scandinavian rap scene. Industrial bass lines, dusty marching beats and gimmicky top lines make up their underground music. Through cheeky and explicit lyrics they bring up tabooed and current topics from a personal, human and societal perspective. The topics are served with a well-portioned self-deprecating humor and irony but has a seriousness to it which can’t or musn’t be missed in the quirky universe Ravi Kuma operates in.

Catchy hook lines and an intense live performance means, that Ravi Kuma leaves a solid impression on their audience which only few can match. 

on stage: Sharon (MC), Aske (Beats), optional: two dancers