Chocolate Remix exposes the underlying values of Javier Milei’s ultra-liberal policies, which promise a future of prosperity but in reality perpetuate inequality and suffering.

Chocolate Remix challenges the illusions propagated by far-right President Javier Milei’s doctrine in her latest release, “Otario”. With a vibrant fusion of Dominican dembow and a characteristically Argentine touch, the artist exposes the underlying values ​​of ultra-liberal policies that promise a future of wealth for the Argentine people but actually perpetuate inequality and suffering.

Through ironic and biting criticism, the artist dismantles the illusion that policies benefiting the wealthiest will bring prosperity to all citizens. She also lashes out against the idea that a system without state regulation will lead to individual success solely based on merit and general prosperity.

With a documentary style, the music video was shot during the first two massive demonstrations that took place less than a month after Javier Milei’s inauguration. It shows striking images of protest and resistance, highlighting the gap between the government’s promises of freedom and its repressive measures.

The reggaeton artist and queer producer, who over the years has demonstrated her commitment to social causes, uses her platform on this occasion to promote class consciousness and social justice. With a powerful rap, Chocolate Remix challenges expectations and reaffirms her position as a critical voice in Argentina’s music and political scene.