Illustre is a hurricane that sweeps trough the urban canyons and cleans the streets from the dust of the past. With ease she combines music and literature: Rap & Poetry. Her style is pointed, poetically playfull and at the same time rough and determined.
On stage with DJ Lowerz she transmits her incredible dynamism, her energy to the audiance, from floating to a moshpit.

ILLUSTRE has put a little of her history, of her personal path, in a silky, classy and accessible dress. Because she raps for people. The art of bringing together, connecting energies, telling a possible, widening the boundaries and forgetting the limits. Like the two poles of an iceberg, ILLUSTRE seeks to bring together the differences. Create a cohesion, an alchemy, in a society in upheaval. Out of codes and non-binary, calling into question the gender stereotypes, she likes to make complementary what tends to move away. And this is aimed at a whole generation, who must draw on its most buried complexes, to finally become themselves.

With her skills she impresses not only her audience but also the juries – she is the winner of the “Music.Arts.Design 2019” > springboard “Artist MADly Pink 2019”  and the RAPPEUZ Contest 2020 with this freestyle.

This unique identity is found in her first album ILLE, a rap musical ode supported by modern productions between chill trap and turn up hip hop. Through a game of mirrors between feminine and masculine, she talks about our world, our identity, letting go, the place of women, she talks about perseverance, emotion …
In September 2022 will be released her second album.

Illustre is rappin’ @ BELEK/Paris Cinema (min 5:35)

In cooperation with: X-Ray Production and Flower Coast


After quite a time of snoozing after the last tour at the end of 2012, it is now time for La Phaze to grab the mike again, turn on the amps, plug back in the machines and get back on stage, guided by the image of a world going (too) fast without taking the time to see which way to go.

During these past years, Arnaud and Damny were just able to do that, take their time. Take the time to create new bands such as Dead Hippies and Atonalist for Arnaud, and Pungle Lions for Damny. Take the time to watch this hightly connected and hyper comparmentalized world. It then came as obvious to them that it was time to speak out again. 

The duo met again at the studio back in summer 2017 and started to compose new songs. They even suprised themselves, finding the fluidity and simplicity of their debut again. Inspiration hits, the new compositions are purposefully modern while still keeping what makes the very essence of the group.

La Phaze is back with their new album « Visible(s)» registered at the Studioscope in Angers, produced by Damny in his studio in Barcelona and ready to hit the road as soon as it is possible.