After quite a time of snoozing after the last tour at the end of 2012, it is now time for La Phaze to grab the mike again, turn on the amps, plug back in the machines and get back on stage, guided by the image of a world going (too) fast without taking the time to see which way to go.

During these past years, Arnaud and Damny were just able to do that, take their time. Take the time to create new bands such as Dead Hippies and Atonalist for Arnaud, and Pungle Lions for Damny. Take the time to watch this hightly connected and hyper comparmentalized world. It then came as obvious to them that it was time to speak out again. 

The duo met again at the studio back in summer 2017 and started to compose new songs. They even suprised themselves, finding the fluidity and simplicity of their debut again. Inspiration hits, the new compositions are purposefully modern while still keeping what makes the very essence of the group.

La Phaze is back with their new album « Visible(s)» registered at the Studioscope in Angers, produced by Damny in his studio in Barcelona and ready to hit the road as soon as it is possible.


Spoke and Sorah are an authentic hip-hop duo based in Berlin consisting of the charismatic female MC Sorah and mind blowing non binary beat producer Spoke! Their energetic Live Sets move mainly between Grime, Drill and Trap. They serve attitude, skills and a strong political message without failing to get you dancing with your fists high. FIRE!

Sorah is a Berlin based rapper who brings raw conscious rap with a strong political message in English, French and German. In her own mix of ‚‚in your face rap‘‘, double time flows, dancy beats, and souly vibes she raps and sings against racism, sexism and all forms of oppression calling out for solidarity and freedom.

Mix master multi-talent SPOKE: for many years, non-binary beatmaker and producer SPOKE has been producing Beats across the FLINTA rap scene and beyond (Ostberlin Androgyn, Finna, Nashi 44….). Owning their own Recording Studio in Berlin, Spoke is pushing for empowerment and safe spaces for female* and queer artists in the music industry. 

Nique la police et vive la lutte feministe!