Latin Rap / Cumbia / Punk


Territory: Europe

Rap is Sara’s “way to dance with words”, her strong voice and her powerful stage performance made her to one of the most remarkable artists in South America. Her songs are a perfect reflection of her incredible skills and a lyrical shamelessly approach with a strong social critique. She is telling urban inspired poems in a raw, energetic and beautiful way at the same time. After having released four albums in the last couple of years, Sara Hebe is working on a new album. She will return to Europe as soon as possible!

“Sara Hebe is an invitation to bounce, to jump, to raise the fists, to cumbia-shake hips and butts, to rock and to groove. You hear a lambada sample, you hear that catchy reggae tune, some melodic songs, many bouncing rap rhythms and last but not least you hear furious rhymes tearing along drum beats, keyboard and bass guitars.”  


Booking in cooperation with Propaganda pel Fet! for Spain and Sonica Vibes for France and Italy.


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