Rap / HipHop

 [Great Britain

Territory: Europe

Award-winning alternative Hip Hop artist, songwriter and chosen by Tunecore as the “Upcoming Act Of The Year 2022”, Caxxianne transforms on stage into a magical, powerful, energetic lioness. She has the power to empower and sweep the audience away. „My music is designed to bring out the rebel in everyone who listens to it…”

Born in Jamaica and raised in the Cayman Islands Caxxiannes‘ environment provided her with the tools she needed for mental and spiritual growth and traveling the world allowed her to navigate those tools into her art that you are witnessing today.

Caxxianne’s evolution into music allowed her to express herself freely and boldly, daring to say what others won’t. Her music is created with the sole purpose of liberating the rebel in every soul that dares to open up to her lyrical blessings. She is a self- proclaimed peoplelutionist advocating for the rights of her people and all people. Caxxianne’s work takes you to a place where words become freedom, a place of elation for Black and Brown Humans.

Set-up 1: Caxxianne + DJ

Set-up 2: Caxxianne + Band


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