Afro-Rap / Hip Hop

 [Zimbabwe / Germany

Territory: Europe

AWA Khiwe, the Rap Queen of Zimbabwe impresses with a very assertive style, rapping incredibly quickly in the Zimbabwean language Ndebele and partly in Englisch. She is strongly connected to her Ndebele roots and keeps it kasi, South African slang for township. A-W-A are the first three letters of her prename Awakhiwe. But they also stand for „African Women Arise“. Dressed in her superwomen outfit she enters the stages and empowers people to take a stand against discrimination and sexual violence.

She grew up in Makokoba, one of the oldest renowned township in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe known for prevalence of crime among many vices. Her Ndebele costumes are a reference to other strong women of the Ndebele culture she admires, there is no space for american wannabes. AWA Khiwe’s songs tell her own story of growing up in the poor neighborhood of Makokoba: “I talk about social issues that mostly affect women in ghettos: domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, prostitution and rape. I feel that, as one of the few women in hiphop I should speak out for women. I could be the voice of many women.”
In Summer of 2020 she torched a social media storm and left many begging for more after she shared a masterpiece of her lyrical abilities in a short video clip.
AWA is working on her debut album together with Ghanaian Stallion who made himself a name for state of the art hiphop jams incorporating african sounds with Highlife musicians from Ghana, producing two albums for german rapper Megaloh and many songs for artists including Chefket, Samy Deluxe, Joy Denalane, Chima Ede and many more. Watch this space …

AWA Khiwe will release her first album on Outhere Records.

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