After a nineteen years old career, including: eight albums, five Maxi LP’s and hundreds of live concerts throughout the world, you would think you knew all about Zenzile. However, those who have following this band since their beginnings know well that: No one knows what will resemble a new album of Zenzile before it gets out.....!

On their new album the french kings of dub return back to their dubby roots. "Electric Soul" is an eclectic work that affirms the ability of the band to renew itself without ever repeating itself.The band from Angers has indeed always succeeded in appearing where no one awaited them: pioneering dub music in the early 90’s while the genre was practically unknown in France, sober and aerial when their peers tended to pile up layers, suddenly turning electronic while their fans swore by their very organic sound, and recently coming back to original dub when they seemed to have definitely swung into rock... Then, of course, you can imagine that it is not because their eighth album is entitled “Electric Soul” that one should expect some tribute to Aretha Franklin or Al Green. This would be far too simple... Not only is this record not particularly soul, but it is not even the most electric of their career. Nonetheless, it undeniably has a soul, which radiates through the nine songs of the track listing. This soul is a sound.

2014 they released the new album "Berlin". It was produced setting the silent movie "Berlin - Die Sinfonie der Grosstadt" made in 1927 by Walther Ruttmann into music.