Obrint Pas

Obrint Pas was born in Valencia in 1993. It was the first time that a modern band used the DOLCAINA, a traditional Valencian instrument. The band mixed this element with ska, reggae, and melodic hardcore, thus developing the band’s signature sound. Working since the beginning with his own independent label (45 Revolutions), and later joining Propaganda pel fet! records, Obrint Pas has worked to help build an independent scene, delivering a message about changing the world, as well as our own local realities. Obrint Pas has over time grown to be one of the most internationally known Catalan Bands, having toured in Germany, Holland, France, England, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Austria, Slovenia, Chec Republick, Sahara, Morrocco, Portugal, Belgium, Sardinia, Euskal Herria, Galiza, Venezuela, Cuba and Spain. Every year, Obrint Pas plays about 100 concerts, including the most important Catalan and Spanish festivals.

Since 1997, Obrint Pas has released 6 albums: —1997 La Revolta de l’anima —2000 Obrint Pas—2002 Terra —2004 La Flama —2005 En Moviment! Their live album, En Moviment! was recorded in Valencia with 10.000 people in attendance, and features different artists from Catalan cultural spectrum, as well as special guests like Fermin Muguruza (Kortatu & Negu Gorriak). It includes a DVD with all the show and some extras. The CD/DVD ranked in the top 20 of DVD sales in Spain during 7 weeks. In 2007, after Internacionalista Tour, Obrint Pas release their new album with 18 songs, "Benvingut al Paradís", featuring artists from all over the world: Miquel Gil (València), Alif Sound System (Toulouse), Area 23 (Caracas), Rudeman (Bologna), Abdeljalil Kodssi (Morroco) and much more.

2011 they released their new and for the moment last album “Coratge“.

The band has worked with different sounds: ska, reggae, cumbia, folk, balcanic, melodic hardcore, punk rock, dub, jungle and drum & bass. DJ GABB & DJ CHOLA (Apotheke Crew) has mixed some songs of their last albums into dub & Drum & Bass versions.

Solidarity and revolution are also the leitmotiv of this particullar band. Music can change this world!

With the concerts in October 2013 in Berlin, Kiel and Hamburg the compañeros are going into a longer indeterminated break.