Kumbia Queers

“The spectacular beats promise change – here and now. But at the same time, the Cumbia rhythm keeps everything balanced and seductive.” (SPEX) 

"Kumbia Queers not only masterfully wove harder edge rhythms and danceable grooves, but they also did it with undeniable showmanship. There’s a little bit of a musical cultural shock when you first see the punk-rock clad women suddenly synchronize their dance moves on stage—cumbia style. There was head banging and hip swaying. It’s not your grandmother’s cumbia." (austin360.com)

Shake, strain and serve: the Kumbia Queers are back again!

The powerful band from Buenos Aires returns to Europe in 2019 to seduce us once again with their cocktail of cumbia, rock, and hip hop, with critical and reflective lyrics that talk about fun, love and it's opposite, and their passion for creative leisure and dance.

Nearly 10 years ago, these musicians were bored of the punk rock scene, and decided to do something completely different: Cumbia. What started out as something just for fun, led eventually to the formation of Kumbia Queers.

They describe their style as 1000% Tropi Punk – a wild mixture of Afro-Cuban and Latin American Cumbia influences, queerness and punk spirit. At a time when the electronic and world music scenes from New York to Europe are in the process of discovering Cumbia music, the chicas are reinterpreting Latin American heart-ache and macho posturings, bringing fun and politics together in their own wild style.

Las Kumbia Queers are now a five piece combo. As Ali Gua Gua (one of the two singers and founding member) devotes herself to her solo career, more voices are to be heard: Juana Chang takes the leading vocals while Flor Linyera and Pat Combat Rocker (keyboardist and bass player) also sing. 

Since 2007 Kumbia Queers haven't taken a break. Their unstoppable energy fuels these women's ever-hungry spirit for more: they have played throughout Latin America on stages such as Vive Latino (MX), Rec Beat (Br), Festival de la cosecha (CH), Personal Fest (AR) to name just a few. Over the last few years, the band has also managed to infect Europe with the Tropi Punk virus. From Colours of Ostrava (CZ), Urkult Festival (SWE), Boomtown (GB), Festival Mundial, Milkshake Festival (NL), Incubate Festival (NL), Festival Chico Tropico (ESP) to Fusion Festival, TFF Rudolstadt or Juicy Beats in Germany. Touring the US in spring 2014 they were officially selected to perform at SXSW in Austin, Texas. 

Be prepared for some hot new tracks in 2019!