Keny Arkana

Keny has got the rage. All of those whom have listened to her rap imprecations know that : as a MC, this woman is not there to entertain the radio stations but to awake awareness.

While waiting for an album that promises to be a revolutionary one, here comes more than a single : a video which Keny is the codirector of, with its so symbolic title. "The Rage" is not a solo single : through four minutes of militant adrenalin, it brings the Marseilles collective noun which Keny is commited to, to light.

"We made the video in Marseilles at the end of 2005", the rapper says. "I had written a synopsis and we shot the video in our blocks, downtown, Cours Julien. The crowd is composed of the Rage Du Peuple (Rage of the People) members, eight or nine persons for the hard core of it. With the electrons around it, we reached more or less fifty persons. The Rage Du Peuple is a collective noun, and a state of mind, a way of living. It’s being connected to the collective awareness."

A title with a liberator roughness, "The Rage" is nevertheless a hope song. "We’ve got the rage, not the hatred. According to me, rage is a constructive while hatred is a destructive and passive mood. Transforming the negative into a positive movement makes you go beyond your own limits. You can’t go off the beaten tracks without having the rage, but you need reflection too." A message as much as a scathing attack, this guerrilla rap of Keny Arkana floods on the underground and mainstream Internet with images and sounds.

A hit? Keny disproves this analysis. "I don’t like this word, ’hit’, all my songs are related to the others. This song is not better than the others ones." It augurs well for the rest… Hardcore with a touch of hope, "The Rage" should keep people thinking for a while…


In 2012 Keny Arkana released her latest Album “Tout tourne autour du soleil“.