Mambe and Danochilango


MAMBE & DANOCHILANGO combine cumbia, kuduro, trap, tribal, dancehall, hip hop and balkan to their unique futuristic global bass world music. Mambe´s powerful melodious voice, her startling messages in Swedish, Danish, Spanish, English get over the boundaries between culture/Language. Danochilango's harmonies of acustic instruments and futuristic electro-sound and Mambe's stage presence make every club and stage tremble. People dancing in minutes and merge to their own world.

In 2019 they released their debut album 'Kosmopolítēs'

EP: “Híbrido”

Album: Kosmopolítēs

Presse: Songlines Magazine

„Their musical schtick is a mad mélange of son jarocho, favela punk, reggae, Colombian gaita, Bollywood, tribal, dub … the list goes on. And on. What holds all the fusions, pastiches and quotes together is raw energy and spunky rhythm. ….  it's a bit like being on a very fast gap-year bus ride. Where were we yesterday? Where were my ears ten seconds ago? This anti-earnest duo might repel purists and conservatives, but this is the sound of our planet when it’s partying rather than weeping over lost immigrants and burned trees. Messy, meshy myriad, manic.“