A big baam boom - Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Grime, Trap and Future Bass.
One of the best DJs in Ghana!
Keyzuz likes to merge bass with Middle Eastern samples and percussive African sounds within her sets that often she is playing her own remixes.
She is more than a DJ. She incorporates different things. Her sets are a great energetic live performance. She covers her face when
she’s performing – not just to maintain her anonymity, but also to try to take her gender out of the equation.
In 2016, she declined a Best Female DJ nomination from the Ghana DJ Awards on the grounds there shouldn’t be a separate category for women.
She has been featured in The Africa Report magazine as well as BBC’s Global Beats as one of the few people on the continent changing perceptions about women who DJ.
When she’s not behind the decks, she makes time to steer the Creative Direction of Beat Phreaks, a brand that spotlights musical talent and showcases artistes, dancers, DJs and Producers that are challenging the status quo in their various fields. - second part of the show