Drowning Dog + Malatesta

DROWNING DOG AND MALATESTA short DDM are “cool, funny and angry”, “the past, present and future all in one”.
Born in San Francisco, raised in Milano now based in Berlin.
From their start in 2005, DDM have been committed to carrying on the tradition of hip-hop as a way of sharing stories of struggle, giving the perspective and drawing attention to the voices that are never heard.
Drowning Dog is an explosion of verbal energy, she has been described as "one of the most gifted rappers in politically minded hip-hop" spitting out near-impossible phrases and rhythmic variations that leave the listener's head spinning. She links up in a perfect way with Malatesta's claustrophobic dark bass sound, which is strongly influenced by Spectre and EL-P from Brooklyn. DDM bring high passion anti-authoritarian class conscious lyrical gymnastics cut up with radical speeches/sound clips from their secret archives.

DDM have released 3 LP’s : Got No Time, Senza Padroni, Black Cat, Best You Can Get! and
2 EP’s : Sick Of This Shit and Punch Up (2019)
2020 will see the release of the new EP “Blood Money”

They have performed over 400 international live shows and a European and North American tour is being planned for 2020.