Drowning Dog + Malatesta


The californian rapper and producer duo DDM are part of a growing international alternative and radical rap scene.

From their start in 2005 on, DDM have been committed to carrying on the tradition of hip-hop as a way of sharing stories of struggle, giving the perspective and drawing attention to the voices that are never heard. Therefore they play an important role in the development of this new rap scene next to artists like Dead Prez, Bonnot, Premiere Ligne or Acero Moretti. 

DDM have created their own big fat crunchy sound with a dramatic and sometimes abstract atmosphere. They are definately „"not your typical americans"  and not your typical hip hop show. The stage presence of singer Drowning Dog is an explosion of energy comparable to Riot Girl Punk Rock, she has been described as "one of the most gifted rappers in politically minded hip-hop" spitting out near-impossible phrases and rhythmic variations that leave the listener's head spinning. She links up in a perfect way with Malatesta's claustrophobic dark sound, which is strongly influenced by Spectre and EL-P from Brooklyn.

You could call their music a mash-up of the 90's Brooklyn illbient sound and electronic bass music.

After nearly permanently touring since 2009, playing more than 300 shows, launching the collective label E.K. Records and organizing international hiphop events like „Rap Militante Internazionale“ and „Barrio Revolta“, DDM are now based in Berlin.

DDM bring high passion anti-authoritarian class conscious lyrical gymnastics cut up with radical speeches/sound clips from various archives.

After three albums, 7 Inch, 12 Inch, many compilation contributions their new EP "Sick Of This Shit" is out now on bandcamp. The vinyl is coming.